Pastor David Weber

Pastor Weber was born at Fort Gordon, GA. His early years were spent growing up on a farm in Southern IL.  When in high school the choir from his congregation went on a tour each summer where he was asked if he ever considered going into full-time church work. By the end of his junior year he decided to pursue pastoral ministry.

Pastor attended St. Paul's College in Concordia. MO and then transferred to  Concordia University in River Forest, IL where he met his wife Darla.  Darla has been a substitute teacher for the past 24 years. They are blessed with three children.


Mandy Wagner

Church Secretary


Kristi Holthaus

Financial Administrator

2023 Board of Directors

Jeff Holthaus

Board President

Vinnie Rowan

Vice President

Lynn Martalock-Wensel

Recording Secretary

Steve Gebhardt


Devon Brenson

Director of Building & Grounds

Steve Ditty

Director of Community Events

Josh Anderson

Director of Discipleship

Joan Kortbein

Director of Education


Sharon Schroeder

Director of Fellowship

Board of Elders

 Mark Pingel

LaVern Schroeder

Jerry Werner

                            Jason Nelson

Dave Kuehl

Terry Christian 

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