Pastor Mark Wilkens (Interim Pastor)

Pastor Wilkens has graciously agreed to serve as our interim pastor during this time of transition while we wait for the pastoral vacancy to be filled.

Jenny Chambers - Church Secretary

Jenny has served our congregation and the church as Secretary since 2017.

2022 Board of Directors

Ray Peterson

Board President

Vinnie Rowan

Vice President

Lynn Martalock-Wensel

Recording Secretary



Devon Brenson

Director of Building & Grounds

Steve Ditty

Director of Community Events

Dave Kuehl

Director of Discipleship

Amy Sharpe

Director of Education

Sharon Schroeder

Director of Fellowship

Board of Elders

Kevin Eckelberg

Bryan Beck

 Mark Pingel

LaVern Schroeder

Jerry Werner

If you are in need of contact information for a specific church officer, please contact the church office by phone or email.